[eBook] How we design a Vision of Intelligent Healthcare

Posted on 20-Jul-2017 13:13:58

Software has come on in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years and it is now an integral part of our daily lives. But this is not only because more functionality is available. Changes in how we interact with the software have had a massive impact.


Top 3 clinical decision support tools available free on GPSoC

Posted on 17-Jul-2017 12:17:07

There is a growing number of clinical decision support templates and corresponding advanced data entry forms available to GP practices that integrate with all the major GP IT systems.


Intelligent healthcare. Catch up with Vision on Executive TV

Posted on 14-Jul-2017 13:18:22

Our very own Russell Blackmore (now head of all things commercial) was featured on Sky TV recently as part of a programme on Executive TV looking into intelligent healthcare.


Improve care for people with learning disabilities

Posted on 11-Jul-2017 07:39:34

People with learning disabilities have poorer physical and mental health than other people and die younger. But many of these deaths are avoidable, not inevitable. You can use Vision to highlight potential interventions and improve the quality of care for these patients.


First end-to-end interoperability solution wins award

Posted on 07-Jul-2017 13:29:08

Congratulations to Grant Oliver, who has won the prestigious Special Recognition Award at the Public Sector Paperless Awards in his role as IT Project Manager, Richmond GP Alliance (RGPA). They nominated Grant for his "tireless contribution to the transformation of digital practice in Richmond". They are the first organisation to deliver an end-to-end interoperability solution that benefits the local community.


Smarter, faster and better DMARDs management with Vision

Posted on 04-Jul-2017 17:31:11

Be confident that ongoing prescriptions for high risk drugs issued in your community are safe.


3 steps to managing patients with severe frailty

Posted on 29-Jun-2017 08:58:52

Research shows that some patients with severe frailty are at risk of dying in the next 6-12 months. Your Vision system now includes an Electronic Frailty Index (EFI) calculator and a template to assist you when managing patients with severe frailty.


GPs and patients can save time with repeat medication synchronisation

Posted on 26-Jun-2017 15:57:49

One of the most frequent requests we receive from GPs is for intelligent repeat medication synchronisation.

Many patients have lots of repeat medication and it's common for these prescriptions to run out at different times. This means patients are called for multiple appointments for medication reviews, which:

  • wastes GP time
  • fills up appointment slots that could be made available to other patients
  • wastes admin time calling and recalling patients
  • is frustrating for patients

Vision Anywhere is our clinical app for iPad and iPhone, Android and Windows that is being used extensively where mobile access to patient records is required. We have been working hard behind the scenes adding significant new functionality to bring Vision Anywhere to the Windows desktop and the in-practice environment.


GP practices in Scotland can reduce DNAs with 2-way text messages

Posted on 23-Jun-2017 08:26:40

A recent pilot study1 showed that just under 40% of patients in Scotland missed one or more appointments during a 3-year period and 10% missed three or more appointments.


Greenwich CCG identify 4,000 more patients with long term conditions

Posted on 23-Jun-2017 08:08:12

We have been working closely with Greenwich CCG and they have achieved some great results which we wanted to share with you.

In 2014, Greenwich had the highest rate of years of life lost due to avoidable death in South East London. The CCG was aware, that compared to the national average, recorded prevalence rates for four key long term conditions were low across the area, meaning that there was a sizable group of local residents that were potentially undiagnosed and untreated.