Think cancer and identify patients at risk.

Posted on 20-Nov-2017 09:52:34

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK. Around 46,400 people are diagnosed with the disease every year. Despite being one of the most common and serious types of cancer, most patients will not display any signs or symptoms in the early stages.


Still using faxes? It's time to move on.

Posted on 20-Nov-2017 09:51:12

People would be in a state of amazement to know that GP practices still use fax machines. Practices can receive over 60 faxes each day from care homes and out-of-hours services. There must be a better way.


Ease pressure in your practice with GP online services

Posted on 13-Nov-2017 09:47:48

Patients interact with their practice in a number of different ways. GP online services  enable this interaction to take place online; helping to decrease phone calls and footfall in the practice and encourages patients to be more active in managing their health.


Collaborative healthcare services. A secret worth sharing.

Posted on 10-Nov-2017 11:05:31

Most GP practices collaborate with local practices and other healthcare service providers. Sharing patient records can enhance or even enable collaborative healthcare services. We're talking about sharing the most sensitive personal information. How do you make sure you're only sharing what you need to, and only with the people who need to see it?


Vision Anywhere shortlisted at ehi Awards

Posted on 01-Nov-2017 09:32:18

Vision Anywhere has been shortlisted at this years ehi Awards in the category for 'Best App for Clinicians'.


Boost your reception desk with Vision Appointments

Posted on 30-Oct-2017 16:28:36

According to the GP Patient Survey 2017, 7 out of 10 patients rate their experience when making a GP appointment as 'good'. Why not improve patient satisfaction with the Vision Appointments app. 

Designed to help you work smarter, faster and better, whilst undergoing regular enhancements and refinements, the app can give your reception desk a much needed boost. 


A beginner's guide to population level healthcare.

Posted on 26-Oct-2017 10:52:01

Population level healthcare is a modern approach to improving patient health at scale. Analysing health data allows service providers and commissioners to combat local health challenges. How does it work?


Are you ready for the healthcare task management revolution?

Posted on 17-Oct-2017 12:14:42

We asked GPs, Practice Managers and admin staff at GP practices how they work together. This insight into healthcare task management has helped us find new and better ways for you to use tasks at your practice. They come to fruition in the innovative Vision Tasks app - the next step in modernising Vision.


How to take the stress out of flu season.

Posted on 13-Oct-2017 16:49:41

More than 25 million UK people are within target groups for seasonal vaccines. So, it's no wonder that flu season is one of the busiest times of the year at GP practices. What if we told you we could save you money and improve clinical safety - and free up some of your valuable time too?


Learn about Population Level Healthcare Management at ehi LIVE

Posted on 13-Oct-2017 09:15:00

ehi LIVE 2017

As the UK's leading event for digital health and innovation, ehi LIVE brings together 4,000 IT healthcare professionals and 150 industry exhibitors.   

Why attend?

  • ehi LIVE is a CPD Accredited Conference
  • Visit the Knowledge Hub to hear insights about the latest industry technologies
  • Learn about the technologies protecting the NHS from cyber crimes in the Knowledge & Security Hub 
  • Attend the 2017 ehi Awards, where industry leaders will be recognised for their achievements in the healthcare technology sector
Introduction to Population Level Healthcare Management

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