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Vision: proud to help GPs in Wales to care for the nation

Posted on 04-Apr-2018 09:39:53

More than 3 million people live in Wales. They entrust their health to sophisticated computer software at their GP practice. These systems hold detailed information about each person's medical history. Doctors use them to:

  • make appropriate decisions about diagnosis and treatment
  • manage long-term conditions
  • prevent avoidable diseases
  • offer patients online services
  • ensure continuity of care

Discover the 10 reasons why Vision remains first choice for Wales

Posted on 18-Mar-2018 18:11:33

Vision is one of two suppliers to be awarded a new contract to supply GP IT systems and services in Wales. The third tender from EMIS was unsuccessful. 195 practices currently using the incumbent EMIS Web must choose a new system.


3 ways IT can help you embrace the new models of care

Posted on 12-Mar-2018 17:21:17

The NHS is changing. It has to if it is to offer sustainable care in the future. New models of care are emerging to meet our evolving healthcare needs:


How rural Letham has improved access to healthcare services

Posted on 07-Mar-2018 16:16:51

Letham is a beautiful village in the heart of Angus, on the East coast of Scotland. It is a popular place to retire to, and almost 30% of the 3,100 people living there are over 66 years of age.


5 important things you should know about Vision

Posted on 28-Feb-2018 13:06:50

Vision is in daily use to manage the health of more than 9.3 million people in the UK. It is much more than a GP system though. Vision is enabling many federated and interoperable shared care services too. Here are some more Vision related facts you might not be aware of: 


Why now is the right time to share medical records

Posted on 21-Feb-2018 18:10:01

I have hazy memories of going to see the family doctor as a child. I remember busy waiting rooms, the scent of hygiene, and secretive brown paper sleeves hiding the details of previous visits. After decades of computerisation, electronic records now replace the paper notes. But, is the clandestine sense of possession still there?


5 things you should know about SNOMED

Posted on 07-Feb-2018 07:48:23


SNOMED is a new clinical coding system that is replacing Read codes. It is the world's most comprehensive and precise clinical coding project.


Steve Bradley appointed as Cegedim UK Group Managing Director

Posted on 26-Jan-2018 15:54:56

Steve Bradley is Cegedim UK Group Managing Director

Cegedim, an innovative technology and services company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Steve Bradley as Group Managing Director for its UK companies. Cegedim's UK brands include Vision, BlueBay MedicalCegedim Rx, Healthi, RESIP and THIN. Steve's appointment coincides with Max Brighton's retirement from the business. Max was Vision's Chief Executive Officer for the past seventeen years. These changes take immediate effect.


3 ways to overcome your biggest primary care challenges

Posted on 23-Jan-2018 15:15:41

primary care challenges.jpg
We recently asked you about your most significant work challenges. What are they and how can Vision make your working life easier?


[Digital Health Guide] Better care for long-term conditions

Posted on 16-Jan-2018 07:33:53

long term conditions.jpgOver 22% of the UK population has at least one long-term condition. That's more than 15 million people with conditions that have no cure. Managing these patients' chronic diseases for the rest of their lives will be expensive. There's a human cost too. How does living with one or more long-term condition impact a patient's quality of life?

Introduction to Population Level Healthcare Management

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