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3 reasons to join The Health Improvement Network

Posted by Leesa Kelly on 04-Oct-2017 09:50:40

join The Health Improvement Network

The Health Improvement Network (THIN) is a de-personalised data collection scheme for GPs. Established in 2003, the scheme collects pseudonymised patient information from GP practices that use Vision, for medical and ethically approved studies.

All data is guaranteed to be anonymous with no identifiable patient information collected. Join today and discover the benefits.

1. Get paid for your data

  • Receive payment for each active patient in the form of cash or Vision vouchers.
  • Earn extra when you sign up to the Additional Information Services (AIS) department to help researchers obtain anonymised hard copy information for approved medical studies.

2. Receive feedback on your data

  • Regular feedback reports from THIN on the quality and completeness of your practice’s data.

3. Be part of life changing studies 

  • Recently, THIN hit the press when a study using data from the scheme was used to dispel the 'fat but fit' theory. Your patient data could be used to help inform life changing medical studies.
Other studies
THIN data has been used in many research fields, from cardiovascular disease to mental health. You can view a few of the studies by clicking on the links below:
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