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3 reasons to use anticoagulation management software

Written by Leesa Kelly on 03-Jan-2018 11:39:08

anticoagulation managementAnticoagulants help prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Warfarin is the most widely prescribed anticoagulant in the UK. Carefully monitoring each patient's dose of warfarin is essential. This can be time-consuming, even for practices with a small number of patients taking anticoagulants.

Each patient requires a different, tailored dose - and that can vary over time. To calculate the appropriate treatment, you must analyse the patient's history, blood test results and take note of any trends or previous patterns. Anticoagulation management software can ease this burden for you.

Vision's anticoagulation management calculates Warfarin and NOAC doses. Taking a patient's medical history into consideration, along with blood test results and trends or patterns allows the software to calculate the optimum anticoagulant dose.

Here are three reasons why you should use modern anticoagulation management software:

1. Improve care

The length of time a patient needs to take anticoagulants will vary. This depends on the reason they are needed. They might be prescribed for a short time following surgery, or for a longer time if treating a long-term condition. Due to the nature of the medication, keeping a close eye on each patient is imperative.

Vision's anticoagulation management software contains the tools needed to manage all aspects of anticoagulation therapy:

  • supporting materials for structured patient education and reviews
  • reminders for missing and due data
  • Recall patients by post or text message to ensure they attend for blood tests 

2. Save time

No more sifting through records to find patients with anticoagulant prescriptions. No more checking to identify patients with recent blood test results. Let your computer do this for you. You can see everything you need to know in one single view:

  • a list of patients with current anticoagulant prescriptions
  • patients who are due to be recalled
  • patients with abnormal INR results
Furthermore, you can view information and add data to the patient's Warfarin record, without having to open the patient record in the clinical system, continuing to save time.

3. Increase clinical safety

Over time, the level of Warfarin within the blood changes. Things such as illness, infections, alcohol consumption, significant changes to diet, and interaction with other drugs can all have an impact on a patient's warfarin dose. The dosage needs to be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

As a patient's outcomes and requirements change so will the dosage and level of interaction with the clinician. Staying on top of all these changes can be hard. 

Anticoagulation management aids clinical and dosage decisions, increasing clinical safety. It's like having an extra pair of eyes. Analysing changing circumstances including INR helps to determine safe dosing for each patient. 

Intelligent healthcare 

You only need a few patients on warfarin to reap the benefits of anticoagulation management software. Get in touch to find out more about healthcare management with Vision.

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