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Enlighten your patients with diabetes information prescriptions

Written by Jenny Cocking on 29-Jun-2018 15:27:45


It costs the UK £8 billion a year to treat the preventable complications of diabetes. Over 4 million people are living with diabetes in the UK. Better self-management will make an enormous difference to a patient's well being.  If these patients can learn how to manage their illness better, they will reduce the strain on GP practices.

When you treat a patient with diabetes, you can issue them an 'information prescription'. If you haven't seen them, information prescriptions are available in Vision. They are a one-page document you can adapt for each patient. Information prescriptions contain practical advice for your patients on how to improve their health. The most significant benefit is being able to develop a personal plan tailored to an individual patient. You can print them and give them to the patient to take away.

"Information prescriptions are a really positive development that will enable primary care to help people with diabetes better understand and take ownership of their diabetes. We know that primary care is under a lot of time pressure, but the design of these allows best practice around care planning and goal setting to be done during routine care."

Professor Jonathan Valabhji, National Clinical Director for Obesity and Diabetes
Quote from Diabetes UK website

New information prescription templates

Good news! Diabetes UK has released new information prescription templates for patients:

  • Kidney disease
  • Keeping your kidneys healthy
  • Contraception and pregnancy
  • Mood
  • Feet (low risk)
  • Feet (moderate/high risk)
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Transforming primary care with population health

On Tuesday 3 July, The King's Fund hosted an online event titled 'Transforming primary care with population health: moving to an outcomes-based model'. The speakers included Amy Rylance, Head of Healthcare Professional Engagement, Diabetes UK. 

To register to catch-up on demand, visit The Kings Fund website.

Transforming primary care with population health

Topics: healthcare management, outcomes manager, Intelligent healthcare, Population Level Healthcare


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