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Guest Blog: Dr Paul Miller's first encounter with Vision Anywhere

Written by Steve Marriott on 18-May-2017 11:51:27


I now have a Vision Anywhere tablet and licence. I sorta mucked that up slightly by registering it on my own Microsoft Surface but have found the licence manager that lets me fix that.

Amazing to see Vision Anywhere just working on any tablet – no complex VPNs, multiple passwords or selling your granny to get access – it just works. I have only played around briefly but it seems to be fast enough, the user interface is lovely and I still dream of Star Trek (showing my age there) style tablet consulting. No big monolithic box on the desk between me and the patient, no more ‘triadic’ consulting where the PC is the omnipresent oracle beyond the understanding of mere mortals to which we must defer in all matters of life, death and sick-lines.

I am always amazed by how much of our essentially human endeavour is influenced and changed by the machines that are meant to help us. And that is why I think Vision is at the forefront of challenging this “Personal Computer Paradigm”, by putting in place now the tools and user experience foundations that will, I hope, start to transform that doctor patient conversation to something better, and more human, once again.


Dr. Paul Miller is a GP at Glenburn Medical Practice in Paisley, Scotland. He is also the Chairman of the National Vision User Group.


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