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Intelligent cancer diagnosis with Vision.

Posted by Jenny Cocking on 31-Jul-2017 10:33:53

Identify patients at risk of cancer

Cancer rates are on the rise, but so are survival rates. 42% of cancer cases are now avoidable.

In partnership with Macmillan we've developed a support tool, making it easier than ever to identify patients at risk of cancer including: lung, colorectal, oesophago-gastric, pancreatic and ovarian.

Intelligent healthcare for GPs

Integrating with your Vision system, the Cancer Decision Support (CDS) tool provides risk indicator pop up alerts, data entry templates and practice reports. Helping GPs to be aware of cancer risk:

  • start thinking cancer
  • raise awareness of cancer signs and symptoms
  • act as a patient safety net
  • aid continuity of care in practices where a patient may see many GPs

Work smarter

  • The tool aids clinical decision making, helping the GP to decide whether to refer a patient or request further diagnostic investigations. 

Work faster

  • Identify patients with a 2% or higher risk of undiagnosed site-specific cancer.  The risk is based on read coded information from their patient record including symptoms, medical history and demographic data.

Work better

  • Monitor patients at risk, take appropriate action for the patient and invite the patient for reviews. 

Find out how to download the CDS tool to support cancer diagnosis, click here.

Jenny Cocking

Written by Jenny Cocking

Topics: Cancer, outcomes manager

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