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Save time with repeat medication synchronisation

Written by Steve Marriott on 26-Jun-2017 15:57:49


One of the most frequent requests we receive from GPs is for intelligent repeat medication synchronisation.

Many patients have lots of repeat medication and it's common for these prescriptions to run out at different times. This means patients are called for multiple appointments for medication reviews, which:

  • wastes GP time
  • fills up appointment slots that could be made available to other patients
  • wastes admin time calling and recalling patients
  • is frustrating for patients

Vision Anywhere is our clinical app for iPad and iPhone, Android and Windows that is being used extensively where mobile access to patient records is required. We have been working hard behind the scenes adding significant new functionality to bring Vision Anywhere to the Windows desktop and the in-practice environment.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Customer driven enhancements, including synchronising repeats with just two simple clicks, have been designed to save time, make GPs' working lives easier and help practices offer a better patient experience.

Watch the video below from Dr Jon Behr, Vision's Chief Medical Officer, as he shows you how to synchronise repeats with this innovative feature that is coming soon to Vision Anywhere:


How to get started

Vision Anywhere is available to all GP practices that use Vision. In England it is available on the GPSoC contract at zero cost to practices - click here for more details.

Click below for more information about Vision Anywhere.

Get Started with Vision Anywhere

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