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Share Vision+ templates for consistent care across GP networks

Written by Sandra Ball on 12-Jun-2019 10:02:00

consistent care across GP networks

Federated services are a cost-effective way of offering shared healthcare services across a GP network. But how do you make sure care is consistent across all GP practices and clinicians?

Vision+ includes templates for fast and accurate data entry during consultations. GP practice staff can build new templates or customise existing templates. They can then make them available to every clinician at their practice.

Soon you will be able to share templates with other GP practices. This will let you:

  • make Vision+ templates you have created available to other practices
  • download Vision+ templates from other practices
  • use the same templates across your GP network, CCG or health board

Compliance with local policies will improve and you will encourage consistent care across GP networks when all clinicians use the same templates. They will record information using the same coding too. This will improve healthcare service reporting across the GP network.

How to get ready

To access shared templates, one person at your practice will need an Outcomes Manager admin account. Tell us you're interested and we'll prepare your login details. We'll also let you know when this exciting new feature is available.

Tell us you're interested in sharing templates

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