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3 ways to work faster with appointments

Posted on 12-Aug-2018 19:40:52

Estimates suggest there are more than 380 million GP consultations each year in the UK. For a regular practice that's around 41,000 appointments. Optimising how you book appointments saves time for you and your patients. That means shorter queues at your reception desk, less time on the phone and happier patients.


Why shared patient records underpin the new Scottish GMS contract

Posted on 19-Jun-2018 15:36:45

The new models of care in Scotland introduce collaborative care and multidisciplinary teams. A more extensive range of healthcare professionals will assess and treat patients. For safe and effective care, the whole team must use one set of electronic medical records.


Boost your reception desk with Vision Appointments

Posted on 30-Oct-2017 16:28:36

According to the GP Patient Survey 2017, 7 out of 10 patients rate their experience when making a GP appointment as 'good'. Why not improve patient satisfaction with the Vision Appointments app. 

Designed to help you work smarter, faster and better, whilst undergoing regular enhancements and refinements, the app can give your reception desk a much needed boost. 


Work smarter with Vision Appointments.

Posted on 26-May-2017 09:27:39

We’ve listened closely to your feedback; we’ve gone back to the drawing board and worked hard to make the Vision Appointments app even better. After all, you know what you need best.


Agenda announced for Scotland Vision conferences

Posted on 18-May-2017 16:33:18

The 'Smarter. Faster. Better.' Vision conferences in Scotland are quickly approaching. We have published an engaging and interactive agenda that showcases real-world examples of shared care services underpinned by Vision.


How to increase capacity for GP appointments.

Posted on 09-Mar-2017 19:10:16

GP appointments are sought after and scarce. There's an easy way to remind patients about their appointments and let them cancel at any time of the day. You will reduce DNAs and make more appointments available to patients.


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