Collaborative healthcare services. A secret worth sharing.

Posted on 10-Nov-2017 11:05:31

Most GP practices collaborate with local practices and other healthcare service providers. Sharing patient records can enhance or even enable collaborative healthcare services. We're talking about sharing the most sensitive personal information. How do you make sure you're only sharing what you need to, and only with the people who need to see it?


Here are the best apps for clinicians.

Posted on 28-Sep-2017 18:57:54

Almost all doctors have a smartphone or tablet. Innovative clinical apps can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services. This emerging use of mobile technology is also one of the most exciting.


5 myths about interoperability, debunked.

Posted on 27-Sep-2017 07:28:59

Interoperability is a peculiar word. It sounds like something that is expensive and complicated that demands advanced IT skills to put in place. In fact, it describes the biggest advantage of modern digital healthcare systems. Every healthcare service provider should embrace it. But what is it, and why do you need it?


5 steps to success: how to share patient records across GP networks

Posted on 20-Sep-2017 10:37:54

The new NHS models of care and a shortage of GPs are forcing a fresh approach to healthcare service design. GP networks throughout the UK are introducing federated healthcare services to share resources. Using interoperable IT systems to share patient records is one of the secrets of success. What else must GP networks consider?


Next round of Scottish Vision Conferences published.

Posted on 11-Aug-2017 12:15:26

Earlier this year we hosted the Smarter. Faster. Better. Vision Conferences in Glasgow and Dundee. We are hitting the road again for the next round of conferences in 3 new locations. 


Agenda announced for Wales Vision conferences.

Posted on 08-Aug-2017 14:21:58

The 'Smarter. Faster. Better.' conferences in Wales are fast approaching. We have published an engaging and interactive agenda with an emphasis on shared care and localisation.


Intelligent healthcare. Catch up with Vision on Executive TV

Posted on 14-Jul-2017 13:18:22

Our very own Russell Blackmore (now head of all things commercial) was featured on Sky TV recently as part of a programme on Executive TV looking into intelligent healthcare.


First end-to-end interoperability solution wins award

Posted on 07-Jul-2017 13:29:08

Congratulations to Grant Oliver, who has won the prestigious Special Recognition Award at the Public Sector Paperless Awards in his role as IT Project Manager, Richmond GP Alliance (RGPA). They nominated Grant for his "tireless contribution to the transformation of digital practice in Richmond". They are the first organisation to deliver an end-to-end interoperability solution that benefits the local community.


Agenda announced for Scotland Vision conferences

Posted on 18-May-2017 16:33:18

The 'Smarter. Faster. Better.' Vision conferences in Scotland are quickly approaching. We have published an engaging and interactive agenda that showcases real-world examples of shared care services underpinned by Vision.


Interoperability and local agreements are essential for safe sharing

Posted on 21-Mar-2017 11:23:00

Patient record sharing by GPs hitting the front pages of the broadsheets would normally be a phenomenon. But on Saturday the Telegraph reported a 'truly devastating' security breach for over 26 million patients whose medical records are stored in the TPP SystmOne patient record system. Sky News also covered the story.

Vision combines interoperability with local sharing agreements to ensure patient records are shared safely and securely.

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