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3 hot tips to help you embrace online prescription requests

Posted on 19-Sep-2018 15:43:36

There's a great way to save admin time at your practice and you've already got everything you need.


3 ways to overcome your biggest primary care challenges

Posted on 23-Jan-2018 15:15:41

primary care challenges.jpg
We recently asked you about your most significant work challenges. What are they and how can Vision make your working life easier?


[Digital Health Guide] Better care for long term conditions

Posted on 16-Jan-2018 07:33:53

Over 22% of the UK population has at least one long-term condition. That's more than 15 million people with conditions that have no cure. Managing these patients' chronic diseases for the rest of their lives will be expensive. There's a human cost too. How does living with one or more long-term condition impact a patient's quality of life?


Ease pressure in your practice with GP online services

Posted on 13-Nov-2017 09:47:48

Patients interact with their practice in a number of different ways. GP online services  enable this interaction to take place online; helping to decrease phone calls and footfall in the practice and encourages patients to be more active in managing their health.


Why you should encourage your patients to use GP online services

Posted on 22-Sep-2017 14:41:25

4 out of 5 adults in the UK have a smartphone and we look at our phones four billion times a yearWe love our phones and we love being connected.

GP online services are popular with patients because they are convenient and make it easier for them to access their practice. But there are benefits for the practice too. Get your patients using GP online services and your practice will run more efficiently. 


People with sight loss can use patient online services too.

Posted on 25-Aug-2017 10:46:18

According to the GP Patient Survey 2017, the way patients interact with patient online services is changing.

    • More patients are using online services to book GP and nurse appointments
    • The number of patients ordering repeat prescriptions and viewing their medical records has increased
    • Awareness of patient online services has risen to 36.1%

But, did you also know there are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss? And this is set to rise by 250,000 people by 2020?


3 improvements to GP online services you might have missed

Posted on 01-Aug-2017 14:46:21

Patients at practices using Vision have online access at the Patient Services website. Regular website updates improve performance, make things simpler and add new features. Our aim is always the same - to improve the patient experience.


Increase the uptake of patients registered for Patient Services.

Posted on 15-Feb-2017 09:08:23


We have produced a suite of searches to assist you in reaching your practice target for patients registered for Patient Services.


It's easier to register your patients for Patient Services.

Posted on 09-Feb-2017 11:31:05

For English practices, the latest functionality in DLM500 allows patients to register online for Patient Services and book appointments without having to visit their practice in advance.


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