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Why you should encourage your patients to use GP online services

Posted by Leesa Kelly on 22-Sep-2017 14:41:25

encourage your patients to get online

4 out of 5 adults in the UK have a smartphone and we look at our phones four billion times a yearWe love our phones and we love being connected.

GP online services are popular with patients because they are convenient and make it easier for them to access their practice. But there are benefits for the practice too. Get your patients using GP online services and your practice will run more efficiently. 

Good for the practice, great for the patient

GP online services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on smartphones, laptops and computers. Patients can book appointments online, order prescriptions and view their medical record at their convenience.

If a patient's circumstances change and they can't make an appointment it is fast and easy to cancel online. In the past 12 months, 113,606 appointments have been cancelled using the Patient Services website, helping to reduce DNAs and freeing up slots for other patients. 

Release pressure on your staff

Consider how long it takes to manually deal with each appointment or prescription request, whether on the phone or face to face. This is how much time you will save each time a patient uses their online account.

Safer and easier repeats

Patients can view and order their repeat and acute medications from their personal repeat screen within the patient services website.  Helping to eliminate mistakes and making it safer and easier for the patient

A benefit not lost on Jon Tremeer, who had the following to say: 

"Improves the repeat prescribing process as patients request medication from their personal repeat screen reducing miscommunication & errors and improving efficiency."
Jon Tremeer, IT & Data Manager, Rosebank Health.

Better experience for your patients

The more patients using online services, the more time you will save and you will offer patients a better experience. Digital savvy patients (including those with sight-loss) can access their practice at any time of the day. And reducing the number of phone calls and walk-ins makes your reception desk more accessible to patients who prefer to speak with you in person. 

Encourage patients use GP online services

You can download a range of promotional materials for your waiting room to encourage your patients to get online.


  • Print out A3 and A4 posters, available in PDF format

For your patient call screens

  • PDF display graphic
  • PowerPoint display visual


  • Patient Services logo toolkit
  • Patient Services branding guidelines

Download promotional material

Leesa Kelly

Written by Leesa Kelly

Topics: Online services for patients

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