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Improving Patient Access in West Kent with Vision

Posted on 04-Aug-2020 13:29:24

Improving patient access to services has become a key primary care objective. Cegedim Healthcare Solutions for Federations has helped West Kent Health to improve the delivery of a number of shared services, from diabetes clinics to out of hours appointments.

Haydyn Williams, Senior Administrator, West Kent Health, says, “Using Vision Anywhere and Vision Shared Appointments West Kent Health is improving accessibility to the right services at the right time.


Protecting Vulnerable Patients

Posted on 30-Jul-2020 10:37:35

Having coped with the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis, the NHS now faces a significant challenge in protecting and supporting the most vulnerable patients. In addition to the estimated 2.4 million individuals waiting for scans or treatment as a result of disruption to services during the pandemic, many vulnerable patients were not able to access regular care for ongoing conditions.


How GP’s can help eliminate viral hepatitis

Posted on 28-Jul-2020 09:00:00

GP’s who contribute to the THIN® data panel are helping to inform life-changing medical research. On World Hepatitis Day we take a look at how insights from THIN data are helping us better understand the impact of this disease on our populations’ health.


Supporting GP’s and Thriving Through Change

Posted on 21-Jul-2020 14:19:53

The pace of change and adaptation over the past few months has been incredible – and it has been amazing to see the way our Primary Care customers have coped throughout the recent challenges – from the rapid uptake of remote working to finding new ways of delivering effective care to patients.


E-Learning for Immediate Knowledge and a Future Foundation

Posted on 02-Jul-2020 13:28:00

The last few months have proved the adaptability of both businesses and individuals. Faced with unprecedented challenges, our customers have embraced new business models and new ways of working and living. One of the biggest changes globally has been in learning – with many school pupils and students embracing e-learning for the first time. Indeed, while schools are re-opening, universities are embracing the value and benefits of distance learning, with Manchester University confirming all its lectures for the autumn term will move online.


Manage Your Surgery Intuitively with Vision Appointments

Posted on 23-Jun-2020 15:09:16

Even before the challenges created by COVID-19, GP practices were exploring a new era of fast, effective and intuitive appointment systems. For Leith Surgery in Leith, Edinburgh, this involved the transition to Vision Appointments; part of Vision’s solution for shared care and GP practices. The move to Vision Appointments is reducing pressure on the front desk and helping to manage the peaks in demand at the beginning of the academic year created by the high proportion of students on the practice list.


The Power of Partnership: Working Together Against COVID-19

Posted on 11-Jun-2020 14:02:47

Partnership and collaboration have been key to the NHS’s response to Covid-19 over the past few months, and that’s no different here at Vision.  Our partner programme has been developed to support GP’s in the delivery of the most effective level of patient care and includes a range of solutions that have played a vital role in supporting our customers during these most recent changing times. From data collection to telehealth, we’ve got you covered, and here are the latest updates on how each quality assured solution is working to deliver value in response to COVID-19.

See the partners relevant in your region:


Re-imagining GP appointments to reflect the new patient interaction

Posted on 30-Apr-2020 11:23:50

It has been a strange few weeks for many GP practices. An initial flurry of COVID-19 related concerns from patients; the dash to set up video consultations and home working; followed by a notable drop in patient demand. Figures from the Royal College of GPs reveal that in the four weeks to 12th April, GPs in England undertook 25% less clinical activity than in the same period in 2019.


Remote Working. Keeping GPs safe today, changing lives tomorrow?

Posted on 01-Apr-2020 16:58:59

The pros and cons of remote working have been in discussion for years. While some organisations have been able to offer employees a more flexible work/life balance, within the NHS patient expectations regarding face-to-face consultations have challenged any significant change in working practice. People expect to see a GP and that direct contact has always been a fundamental component of the clinician: patient relationship.


Using Video Consultation during the Covid 19 Outbreak

Posted on 26-Mar-2020 10:00:15

The speed with which day-to-day operating practices are changing during the Covid 19 outbreak is unprecedented. Following the health secretary Matt Hancock's call for primary care staff to carry out consultations remotely where possible, as part of a 'digital first' approach, GP practices have rushed to discover how best to achieve video consultations to conduct remote appointments.

There has also been a shift in approach when it comes to sharing information from; 'how you share it', to 'what information is shared' and 'who is it shared with'?

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