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3 improvements to GP online services you might have missed

3 improvements to GP online services you might have missed

GP online services

Patients at practices using Vision have online access at the Patient Services website. Regular website updates improve performance, make things simpler and add new features. Our aim is always the same - to improve the patient experience.

Patients have been able to interact with their GP practices online for several years now. An increasing number of patients use GP online services to:

  • order prescriptions
  • book and cancel GP appointments
  • view a summary of their medical records

Recent improvements

It is easy to overlook these changes to online services for patients. The following features can all make life easier for you and your patients:

1. Simple registration

Patients can register to book appointments using a quick and simple online process. Completing the full registration process later opens up access to all online services. The DLM 500 Release Guide explains how to switch this on and help for patients has been published too.

2. Acute medication requests

Patients can request acute medication online, as well as repeats. The DLM 510 Release Guide shows you how to enable this and there is guidance for patients in the Patient Services online help.

Request acute medication online

3. Weekend and evening appointments

Your patients can also use the Patient Services website to book out-of-hours appointments. This is useful at care hubs for federated extended access services.

Easier for patients and practice staff

Patients enjoy the convenience of GP online services. They can interact with their practice at any time of the day or night, wherever they are.

The obvious benefit for GP practices is saving time. Every online transaction is one less for practice staff to deal with face-to-face or on the phone.

There is a range of promotional tools to help you encourage patients to use GP online services. You can download posters, logos and content for your patient call screens here.


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