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5 important things you should know about Vision

5 important things you should know about Vision


Vision is in daily use to manage the health of more than 9.3 million people in the UK. It is much more than a GP system though. Vision is enabling many federated and interoperable shared care services too. Here are some more Vision related facts you might not be aware of: 

1. We're the biggest

Vision is part of a global healthcare software group called Cegedim. Globally, our turnover is 457 million Euros1. That's about three times more than our nearest competitor. We offer a complete range of healthcare software solutions across nine countries, including:

  • 178,000 doctor workstations
  • 20,000 pharmacists
  • 44,000 paramedics

2. We're heading in a new direction

Cegedim has recently appointed Steve Bradley as Group Managing Director in the UK. He oversees Cegedim Rx (a leading UK pharmacy software supplier) as well as Vision. Steve's philosophy is to:

  1. Design and deliver innovative products and solutions that precisely match our customer’s needs. We design our software to enable improvements in patient care and health outcomes.
  2. Stand apart from our competitors through a commitment to outstanding customer experience. We embed this at the heart of everything we do and say.
  3. Develop our talents and promote an open, empowered, collaborative and energised working culture. We embrace change and nurture innovation to make Vision a fantastic and rewarding place to work.

3. Success in Wales

At the end of January, Vision was one of two companies to be awarded the contract for GP clinical systems and services in Wales. 195 GP practices in Wales will move away from their incumbent EMIS systems and choose a new supplier.

4. We're the only full UK supplier

GP practices, federations and clusters in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland use our software. When the new Welsh contract comes into effect, Vision will be the only supplier to operate across the whole of the UK.

5. Our software is changing

GP numbers are decreasing, yet the workload is increasing. We don't have a magic wand to make these conflicting pressures disappear. But, our new software will help you adapt to new ways of working.

Our design goal is to make our new software smarter, faster and better than the competition. We call it intelligent healthcare - key characteristics include:

  1. a modern, clutter-free user interface, which is nimble and straightforward to use
  2. anywhere, anytime access to patient records and collaborative tools
  3. built from the outset for shared care and collaborative working in federations and clusters

The result is software that improves efficiency and releases time for care. Find out why Vision should be your system of choice.

Find out more about Vision software


1 https://www.cegedim.com/press/release/Pages/default.aspx


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