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Become Better Informed with THIN

Written by Samir Dhalla on 22-Aug-2019 15:51:33

Utilising Primary Care data to both inform patient pathways across a range of disease areas, and to understand local health economies, is key to transforming the delivery of care. As a forum for collaborative discussion on the power of data, The Health Improvement Network (THIN) has recognised this. This is an exciting solution for the UK healthcare landscape enabling advancements in patient care and outcomes by assisting leading healthcare technology companies, authorities, academics and research organisations with research analysis.

Containing anonymised longitudinal patient records for approximately 6% of the UK population, THIN's Primary Care database is one of the most respected and reliable data sources for anonymised Primary Care records in the world and has been cited in over 600 publications. This richness of data will bring huge value to healthcare organisations, helping to improve patient outcomes. Also, for those GPs who are using the Vision system, contributing to THIN as a panel member will help to inform life-changing medical research.

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The advantages of joining THIN:

  • While you are involved in the THIN Quality Data Recording Scheme, THIN will reward your practice for every active patient in your practice per year.
  • As a Vision user, you will receive on-site training days on courses related to the best use of the Vision system
  • You will receive regular reports on the quality of your data recording
  • You will be offered free entrance to training seminars organised by THIN

Russell Blackmore, Chief Commercial Office for Vision comments " For GPs, THIN offers multiple benefits. Not only is the development of research crucial to gaining insights and developing policies, but will help to highlight trends in our National Healthcare Service with respect to clinical effectiveness. All these factors will be key to ensuring GP practices have the knowledge they need to deliver the best care experience for every patient".

Looking to become a THIN member? Why not get in touch with the THIN team.


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