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BlueBay Medical Systems merges with Vision

Written by Sandra Ball on 29-Aug-2019 14:40:27

Cegedim UK announces the brand merger of BlueBay Medical Systems and Vision (In Practice Systems Ltd), following the acquisition of BlueBay Medical by Cegedim UK in 2017.  For the last two years, BlueBay and Vision have shared their technology, resources and expertise to support GP practices, CCGs and Health Boards. As of the 1st of January 2019, the brands have come together under the Vision banner to inspire more ubiquity, with the aim of improving the patient experience.

The new NHS ten year plan emphasises the need for collaboration within the healthcare industry, with the national strategy encouraging system providers to add value wherever they can. It’s more common than ever for CCG’s and health boards to have a mixed economy of systems, but in order for this to be as effective as possible, it’s vital that they have the means of joining them all together. The merger of BlueBay and Vision will see customers becoming fully cross-system compatible and providing a more integrated approach. 


This integration is a key component of supporting improved patient outcomes, as Russell Blackmore, Chief Commercial Officer of Vision, explains, ‘Being data agnostic has never been more important. It’s vital that healthcare professionals have the ability to interoperate with a number of data sources and are empowered to make the right decisions. Being able to access data irrespective of the system it’s held on, helps GPs to understand their local populations better and enables them to inspect and adapt their care. This is especially important for treating those patients who have a complex or long term condition. Hard to manage conditions can have a particularly big effect on the levels of patient health and safety within a practice, and being able to see a clearer, more standardised route of care, which can then be tailored to the individual if necessary, will be a huge benefit to clinicians and patients.’ 

The product suite currently offered will also be expanding and improving as the teams continue to develop software in line with the extended customer feedback and new interface designs that drive forward more joined-up working. 

Working together using our tools and templates, we’ve been able to make a stronger impact within a number of areas across the country including GPs, CCG’s and academic research. As we combine our teams there’s a real feeling of working towards one goal and enhancing the benefits for our customers,’ comments Dale Smith, Business Development and Customer Service Manager, BlueBay Medical Systems.  ‘Through this merger, our team and knowledge has grown and we’re looking forward to giving customers access to these greater skills and resources.’ 

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