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Collect. Understand. Use it for good.

Collect. Understand. Use it for good.


During the recent Health and Care Innovation Expo, Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt said that the digitisation of patient care, along with interoperability between healthcare IT systems, is critically important for the NHS to address the challenges it faces:

  • The population is ageing and many older patients have multiple long term conditions. Growing demand is a key factor behind the predicted £30 billion per year gap between patient needs and NHS resources.
  • The NHS is designed to treat individual health problems instead of taking a holistic view of a patient’s health. This is inefficient and patients are not getting the best possible care.
  • Many long term diseases the NHS treats, such as Heart Disease and Diabetes, are preventable.

To plan the healthcare service improvements required to address these NHS challenges you need accurate and timely population-level data. We have the intelligent software that processes data in smarter ways so you can access the right information, faster, to make better decisions. It provides detailed, up to the minute intelligence on any aspect of your entire population’s health. We call it Outcomes Manager.

Collect data from all GP practices

If you currently rely on manually amalgamated spreadsheets you will marvel at how easy it is to view and interrogate information about your patients’ health with Outcomes Manager. With interoperability at its core, it consolidates data from Vision, SystmOne and EMIS GP systems into a single interactive population-wide view where you can see headline figures before delving into the detail.

Daily data

Are you forced to make mission critical decisions that are based on data that is four, six or even eight weeks out of date?  Outcomes Manager’s daily data feed reveals the specific healthcare challenges faced in your local area, always based on accurate and current data.

Outcomes Manager is much more than a reporting solution. Encourage compliance with local policies with care pathways and reminders that integrate with all major GP IT systems. There are mobile apps for Apple, Android and Windows coming soon so your community-based clinicians and carers can use the same pathways as your GPs and Practice Nurses - truly integrating care across the wider healthcare team.

Don’t get left behind

There are many CCGs already using Outcomes Manager to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve patient care. Typical initiatives include:

  • Case finding: A CCG has seen its Heart Failure prevalence increase by 18.35% over 14 months and 1,480 additional patients were identified as having Diabetes. Outcomes Manager was used to identify the most poorly controlled diabetics (HbA1c>75) and helped practices refer and manage these patients appropriately. As a result 1,200 patients are now less likely to develop significant complications from diabetes, reducing future costs to the local healthcare economy.
  • NHS Health Checks: After using Outcomes Manager for 15 months a public health team has identified 249 new cases of Diabetes and 689 cases of Hypertension, enabling earlier intervention and treatment.
  • Simple and efficient service monitoring, including the calculation of payments for local enhanced services.

Register for a free webinar

Dr. Jon Behr, INPS Chief Medical Officer, will be hosting online webinars on 7 November at 14:00 and 9 November at 11:00 to give you an opportunity to discover how Outcomes Manager can unlock your primary care data and allow your CCG, health board, federation or cluster to be one step ahead.

Places are strictly limited, please click here to register your place.


Want to know more? 

If you cannot attend the webinars or would prefer a face to face meeting to discuss specific uses for Outcomes Manager in your area, please complete and submit the form below and we'll be in touch. 

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