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Discover the 10 reasons why Vision remains first choice for Wales

Discover the 10 reasons why Vision remains first choice for Wales

vision - number one choice for wales

Vision is one of two suppliers to be awarded a new contract to supply GP IT systems and services in Wales. The third tender from EMIS was unsuccessful. 195 practices currently using the incumbent EMIS Web must choose a new system.

There are many reasons why Vision should be the first choice for these GP practices:

1. Built for clusters and collaboration

Vision helps GPs to collaborate and care for patients across the healthcare landscape. It simplifies the complex task of implementing shared care solutions across clusters, leaving you to concentrate on your patients’ health.

  1. exchange data with other systems
  2. make patient information from GP systems available for shared care services
  3. centralise appointments for cluster services
  4. improve collaborative working with team-wide task management
  5. use sharing agreements to control access to different aspects of patient records

2. Anywhere, anytime access

The NHS is moving towards new models of care that focus on localisation. We must organise care around the patient and their family, as close to home as possible. Mobile access to medical records will be necessary.

Vision Anywhere is an innovative app that provides 24/7 access to patient records. It is perfect for shared care, home visits, nursing homes and mobile working. It is available for:

  • Windows desktops, laptops, convertibles and tablets
  • iPad and iPhone
  • Android™ phones and tablets


3. An outstanding experience

As a technology company, we’re always seeking to improve Vision. We strive to innovate to stay ahead of the competition and deliver the best experience on the market. Our goal is to simplify and de-clutter systems, so they are easy to learn and use.

Software should not distract or interfere with the delivery of healthcare services. It should enhance the experience for you and your patients.

4. Global backing

Vision is part of a worldwide technology company called Cegedim. Founded in 1969 and based in Paris, Cegedim is a healthcare technology business that focuses on innovation. Its customers include:

  • healthcare professionals
  • healthcare industries
  • life science companies
  • health insurance companies

Cegedim has a global turnover of €457 million, and it employs over 4,200 people in more than ten countries.

It would not have been possible to create the exciting new Vision solutions without Cegedim’s investment and support.

5. Local support

Although we have the security of Cegedim behind us, we are still small enough to care. Many Vision employees, including GPs, trainers, Account Managers and engineers live in Wales. Several of them are Welsh speaking too.

6. Excellent on-boarding

We have helped thousands of GP practices move to Vision. We know that changing your clinical system can cause stress and anxiety.

Our on-boarding programme includes:

  1. Project management
  2. A blend of training and digital learning
  3. Data migration

We aim to make your system migration from EMIS Web to Vision a positive experience. We'll minimise disruption for you and your patients.

7. Commitment to innovation

It's disappointing that EMIS will no longer compete with us in Wales. Competition drives innovation, which creates better products and services for you. But, now we have a new competitor. We will reignite our desire to build smarter, faster and better healthcare software and lead the way for our Welsh customers.

8. Improving population health

Outcomes Manager is our innovative and straightforward solution for population-level healthcare.

  • Collect healthcare data for every patient
  • Analyse information in a cloud-based dashboard
  • Share pathways and data entry templates with GPs to influence change

All this is possible without asking busy GP practices to extract data themselves. 

Download our latest ebook

9. Most Welsh GPs already use Vision

Vision has a proven presence in Wales. 56% of GP practices and 39% of clusters are using Vision software to care for their patients.

We have positive working relationships with various stakeholders, including health boards and NWIS.

Vision is compliant with Welsh national services, including:

  1. My Health Online (MHOL)
  2. Welsh Clinical Communications Gateway (WCCG)
  3. Welsh GP Record

10. We understand the local healthcare challenges

The pressure on primary care is increasing. Fewer GPs must deal with growing patient expectations and demand. We know the NHS is changing and Welsh patient needs are evolving.

That's why we’re building ground-breaking products - so you have technology that enables collaboration, localisation and prevention.

Next steps

Visit the microsite dedicated to Vision in Wales for further details.
Visit the Wales microsite

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