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Find. Intervene. Analyse. See the sense of population health

Written by Steve Marriott on 16-May-2018 08:59:15

population health

Population health is the science of improving healthcare at scale. It's how towns, cities, and CCGs or health boards manage their patients' health at a macro level. As well as improving outcomes, it can help service providers to make better use of resources.

There are three stages of population health:

  1. Find a cohort of patients who may be at risk of a particular disease burden
  2. Apply an intervention to these patients
  3. Analyse the outcomes to see if there has been any impact, positive or negative

Dr Jonathan Behr explains the benefits

Dr Behr is Vision's Chief Medical Officer. In this short video from the HSJ website, he describes the benefits of adopting a population level healthcare approach:

 View the video on the HSJ website

Find out more about population health

Vision's population health solution is Outcomes Manager. A growing number of CCGs, health boards and public health teams are using it for:

  • NHS health checks
  • Identifying patients with undiagnosed long-term conditions
  • Managing care for specific diseases

Download the introductory eBook or read the Greenwich CCG case study to find out more about population health.

Vision Healthcare Case Study

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