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Here are the best apps for clinicians.

Here are the best apps for clinicians.

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Almost all doctors have a smartphone or tablet. Innovative clinical apps can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services. This emerging use of mobile technology is also one of the most exciting.

The just-announced ehi Awards shortlist includes 5 of the best apps for clinicians:

  • BMJ Best Practice App
  • DonorPath
  • Perfect Ward
  • Morse
  • Vision Anywhere

The selection criteria included the degree of innovation and creativity, use of advanced mobile technology, user interface design and improvements in healthcare productivity.

What is Vision Anywhere?

Vision Anywhere provides 24/7 access to patient records on all popular smartphones and tablets. It's perfect for home visits, nursing homes and mobile working. It's interoperable too. Clinicians working in federated services can view and add to shared patient records.

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It's wonderful that Vision Anywhere is on the ehi Awards shortlist. Good luck to all the shortlisted entries!

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