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How to take the stress out of flu season.

How to take the stress out of flu season.

flu season

More than 25 million UK people are within target groups for seasonal vaccines. So, it's no wonder that flu season is one of the busiest times of the year at GP practices. What if we told you we could save you money and improve clinical safety - and free up some of your valuable time too?

Target groups for seasonal influenza vaccines include:

  • all patients aged 65 years and over
  • all patients aged six months to under 65 years that are in a clinical at-risk group
  • all patients aged two, three and four years
  • all pregnant women
  • carers
  • children in school years 1, 2 and 3

The recommended seasonal influenza vaccine coverage by the World Health Organisation is 75%. That's a lot of patients. You will need to send invitations and book their appointments. Vaccination details need recording and there are admin jobs too, including claims. How can we make all this easier for you?

Send text message invitations

If you're phoning or writing to invite patients to flu clinics, you could be saving time and money - and getting a faster response. 94% of UK adults own or use a mobile phone, so why not invite patients with a text message?

  1. Save time: send text messages to all your target patients at the same time
  2. Save money: text messages cost much less than phone calls or sending letters in the post
  3. Faster response: Patients receive the invitation straight away

Vision's new 2-way text messaging also lets patients reply to these invitations. It adds coded responses straight into the patient's record, saving you even more time.

Find out more about text messaging

Combine appointments

Some patients will need vaccinations for seasonal influenza, pneumococcal infections and/or shingles. Vision will maximise the opportunity to combine eligible vaccinations within a single appointment. This saves clinic time, releases appointments and is better for patients too.

Protect every patient

The seasonal immunisation programme protects patients against serious illness or death. It's important not to let anybody slip through the net. Vision alerts clinicians during consultations when a patient is eligible for a vaccination. This is especially helpful for shingles because of the complex vaccination eligibility rules.

Clinical support

There are comprehensive Vision+ templates for:

  • Seasonal influenza vaccination
  • Pneumococcal vaccination
  • Shingles vaccination

Each template shows relevant information at a glance, hiding away any unnecessary distractions. This must-have information includes possible contra-indications and interactions. Clinicians can also see why a patient is eligible for a vaccination without trawling through their entire record.

Simple claims

Once the flu season is over you will want to make sure you claim for every vaccination. There's no need to write, run and combine searches. The vaccination templates include reports to support claims. They are fast and simple to run, and you can be confident they are accurate too.

Get started

There is a range of learning resources available for text messaging and the Vision+ templates. Click here to get started.

Vision's free GPSoC health improvement tools

Like the idea of the vaccination templates? Vision has many more clinical decision support templates and advanced data entry forms. Their common goals are to encourage:

  1. more efficient use of GP time
  2. fast and simple health improvement, targeted at specific cohorts

They are all available at zero cost to GP practices in England and CCGs because they centrally-funded on GPSoC. Find out how to get them and start using them.

Ask about health improvement with Vision


Help to embed GP online services into your practice Flu campaign

As the flu season starts, the Patient Online team has produced a short webinar packed with tools, tips and plans to help your practice to embed GP online services into your clinic. The webinar is 30 minutes long and is accessible here:  Play recording

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