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Improve care for people with learning disabilities

Improve care for people with learning disabilities

annual learning disabilities health check

People with learning disabilities have poorer physical and mental health than other people and die younger. But many of these deaths are avoidable, not inevitable. You can use Vision to highlight potential interventions and improve the quality of care for these patients.

Vision's learning disabilities template meets the requirements of the Annual Learning Disability Health Check enhanced service and incorporates all aspects of the recently refreshed Cardiff Health Check.

It has been developed and piloted in practice by GPs, Learning Disability Nurses and technical staff. 

Evidence shows that these checks result in increased investigations, general and specific health assessments, identification of common comorbid disorders, medication reviews and referrals to secondary care.

The template helps nurses and GPs to carry out a comprehensive health review:
  • The template is split into two sections. The first two pages can be completed by a nurse and then GPs can complete the following two pages
  • The review is documented within the patient record
  • Clinicians can see which investigations and referrals are required to support the person's health. These would typically include dental checks, cervical screening and specific condition related blood tests.

Action Plan

Selected free text boxes and action coded options are used to generate a Health Check Action Plan automatically, which can be printed at the end of the review to give to the patient or their carer. It summarises actions relating to the patient's physical and mental health that the practice is taking and the patient is advised to take.

Get Started

See how to download the Learning Disability Health Check template in Vision+.

An updated Step by Step guide to the Health Check has been published by the RCGP to support this template.


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