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How to increase capacity for GP appointments.

Written by Steve Marriott on 09-Mar-2017 19:10:16

increase capacity for gp appointments with text messages

GP appointments are sought after and scarce. There's an easy way to remind patients about their appointments and let them cancel at any time of the day. You will reduce DNAs and make more appointments available to patients.

Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to communicate with your patients. It's great for reminding them about their appointments. We're all familiar with messages popping up on our phones. They tell us about forgotten appointments and jog our memories about dates and times. They're wonderful.

Vision takes this a step further. Your patients can reply to confirm or cancel their appointments. These text messages go straight into Vision, so there is no manual admin work needed.

 Jeremy Hunt said that missed GP appointments cost the taxpayer £162 million a year*. Every lost appointment costs around £50

Reduce DNAs. Release appointments.

Patients like the freedom of being able to cancel appointments at any time. When a patient replies to cancel an appointment, Vision makes it available to book again.

Our data shows that 65% of General Practice appointments cancelled by text message are re-booked. In the first eight months since its release, patients cancelled nearly 1,300 appointments using Vision's 2-way text messaging service. This equates to 845 additional appointments for patients to re-book.

Proven benefits

Text messaging is popular, easy to use and introduces many benefits:

  • Reduce DNAs
  • Increase your capacity for GP appointments
  • Waste less of your GPs' valuable time
  • Save money
  • Patients love it

Tell us your'e interested and we'll explain how to get started.

*speech to the Local Government Association in July 2015.

 Start using 2-way text messages


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