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Joining up healthcare across South West London.

Joining up healthcare across South West London.

Health and care professionals (HCPs) in Kingston, Richmond and Sutton are now able to access GP records held on Vision, from other health and care organisations whenever they need to.

Better access for HCPs to GP records will make it quicker and easier for patients when they visit professionals and organisations that need to see their record and prevent irritating duplication.

Vision is proud to be part of South West London’s Connecting your Care initiative and its ambition to ensure the best decisions are made for a patient’s treatment by joining up the patient record from various care settings into one complete view.

Vision & Cener HIE

Cerner - Health Information Exchange (HIE)

To achieve this, Vision has connected its 21 GP practices in the area to a Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE) commissioned by South West London Health and Care Partnership. 

GPs can now launch a portal from their standard Vision screen. Behind the scenes, Vision authenticates the user and uses information about the patient already on the screen to connect to relevant patient information in the HIE.

Yasmina Mouriño, Vision product owner, said: “This means the GP can quickly access a broad range of patient information directly from their consultation, saving time and improving the information to support the patient.”

The information is shown to the GP on a summary screen in what is known as a “read-only” view enabling clinicians to view all aspects of patient care. 

The benefits of the Health Information Exchange are already clear:

  • Patients only have to share their history once, allowing other health and care professionals to simply confirm it 
  • GPs will be able to see what medications patients have been prescribed by secondary care colleagues, which makes it safer for them to prescribe new medications 
  • Secondary care test results will be visible to GPs regardless of where the patient had the test
  • Simplifies and reduces the burden on practice staff having to access external data systems or remember multiple login credentials.

Connecting your Care is run by the South West London Health and Care Partnership. The partnership is comprised of the organisations providing health and care across the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector in six South West London boroughs.

Vision is working together with the partnership to keep people healthy and well in Croydon, Sutton, Kingston, Richmond, Merton and Wandsworth. The integration is further evidence of Vision’s objective to make people healthy and happier.

[Report] Population Health Management: Planning Not to Fail

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