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Leaving GPs don’t need to create IT mayhem

Written by Jenny Cocking on 06-Nov-2019 12:22:58

When your colleagues leave the practice, it is not just the party you have to organise – think carefully about their patients and messages.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, but Vision is getting more calls about what to do technically when a GP leaves. 

If the departure is not handled methodically patients can be deactivated and messages will not file correctly. Often GPs are deactivated on Vision, and then practices don’t think about reassigning patients to other GPs or telling the patients where to send messages to the departed doctor.

What to do when a GP leaves the practice?

Although Vision can help, it is the responsibility of the practice to carry out this housekeeping. We also can’t stress how important it is in terms of clinical safety. For instance, if you don’t reassign patient records, they could quickly become out of date. 

We have a quick reference guide that you can download - it includes quick step-by-step guides to explain what you need to do when a GP leaves your surgery.

The quick reference guide covers:

  •     Reassigning Trainees, Locums and Registrars to different GPs
  •     Reallocating Patients
  •     Removing Booking Owners for Appointments and Online Services
  •     Forwarding a Departing GPs Incoming Mail
  •     Reassigning Outstanding Tasks
  •     Deactivating the GPs Log In

Download the quick reference guide.

Click here, to download the quick reference guide on 'What do to when a GP leaves?' (you will be redirected to The Vision Help Centre). 

Need to contact our customer support team? 

Click here, to contact the Vision helpline. 

[Report] Population Health Management: Planning Not to Fail 

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