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Remote Working. Keeping GPs safe today, changing lives tomorrow?

Posted on 01-Apr-2020 16:58:59

The pros and cons of remote working have been in discussion for years. While some organisations have been able to offer employees a more flexible work/life balance, within the NHS patient expectations regarding face-to-face consultations have challenged any significant change in working practice. People expect to see a GP and that direct contact has always been a fundamental component of the clinician: patient relationship.


Using Video Consultation during the Covid 19 Outbreak

Posted on 26-Mar-2020 10:00:15

The speed with which day-to-day operating practices are changing during the Covid 19 outbreak is unprecedented. Following the health secretary Matt Hancock's call for primary care staff to carry out consultations remotely where possible, as part of a 'digital first' approach, GP practices have rushed to discover how best to achieve video consultations to conduct remote appointments.

There has also been a shift in approach when it comes to sharing information from; 'how you share it', to 'what information is shared' and 'who is it shared with'?


Using Text Messages to improve Patient Communication during the Covid 19 outbreak.

Posted on 20-Mar-2020 12:02:50

GP practices are fundamentally changing day-to-day activity, as the scale of the coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic increases. While GP surgeries have been told to limit the number of people who visit in person, receptionists are under huge pressure as they try to deal with the volume of calls. Indeed, growing numbers of surgeries have resorted to locking their doors to prevent patients with symptoms from entering.


More choice for patients using Online Services in England

Posted on 06-Mar-2020 09:14:03

Patients at GP practices using Vision are now able to use the NHS App to book appointments, request prescriptions and view medical records.

Patients registered at GP practices using Vision have had online access to Patient Services since 2016. In the past year, the Patient Services website has been used 2,182,694 times to order repeat prescriptions, 517,596 times to book appointments, and 47,149 to view patient summary records.

Now, patients in England have more choice with which online service they use. They can either download the new NHS App or the existing Patient Services apps from the online stores provided by third parties - or access Patient Services website (www.patient-services.co.uk) straight from their browser.


Vision Partner with Elemental to enable GPs to Better Connect with Social Prescribing across the UK

Posted on 04-Mar-2020 09:48:55

We’re delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between Elemental Software and Vision. The partnership is set to make it even easier for GPs using Vision, to refer patients to social prescribing hubs in their local areas and track the impact of the referral.


Share Vision+ templates for consistent care across GP networks

Posted on 27-Jan-2020 10:02:00

Federated services are a cost-effective way of offering shared healthcare services across a GP network. But how do you make sure care is consistent across all GP practices and clinicians?


Help meet your flu targets with 2-way text messaging.

Posted on 17-Dec-2019 14:03:27

More than 25 million UK people are within target groups for seasonal vaccines. So, it's no wonder that flu season is one of the busiest times of the year at GP practices. What if we told you we could save you money and improve clinical safety - and free up some of your valuable time too?


How do you fix the quality of your GP practice data?

Posted on 10-Dec-2019 11:15:00

High-quality electronic records contain complete and accurate information about each patient's health. When your data is correct, you can rely on it and make clinical decisions with confidence. However, missing, inaccurate or non-standard information can lead to inconsistent care.


Leaving GPs don’t need to create IT mayhem

Posted on 06-Nov-2019 12:22:58

When your colleagues leave the practice, it is not just the party you have to organise – think carefully about their patients and messages.


Coming soon to you, a new learning experience for Vision.

Posted on 04-Nov-2019 16:19:22

Before the end of this year, Vision is introducing a new, improved learning experience. It is modern, responsive and contains a knowledge base, a new Learning Zone and links to product-based Help Centres. It can all be accessed from anywhere with internet access and with any device, for example, a smartphone or tablet.

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