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See you at a User Group in Wales?

Written by Jenny Cocking on 28-Oct-2019 14:57:32

This month, our team will be attending NHS Wales’ Informatics Service (NWIS) clinical user groups. We will be talking through the strategy for our Vision solution and sharing our development roadmap with NWIS staff and senior managers in NHS Wales.


Our new infrastructure in Wales will be on stream by then, and we are confident users will start to see a difference in their service. At Cegedim, the company that brings you Vision, we are on a journey of continuous improvement where we listen, act and improve for YOU! For Wales, this commitment will see us replace the old environment with new hardware and operating systems, which will substantially improve performance.

The most immediate benefit for Vision practices will be quicker login times, desktop icons and easier access to documents. The platform Vision uses to hold the patient record and share it between systems, will also be upgraded so it will be easier to find what you need.

All this work is being done as part of Cegedim’s commitment to the Welsh Government’s One Wales objectives, which should see authorised healthcare teams collaborating and sharing information electronically.

Every single Vision user in Wales will benefit these improvements and all of our customers will be given the opportunity to attend training days to learn about the new aspects of the system.

Cegedim now supports more than 60% of practice clusters in Wales with its Vision solution and we are putting all our effort into migrating our clients as quickly as possible to ensure effective shared care across the country.

Our goal over the next year is, with the help of NWIS, to migrate all Vision practices quickly and efficiently. We are also keen to ensure all practices make best use of the new functionality. Our team will be visiting practices over the next few months to show them what will be available.

See you there. Clinical IT System upcoming User Groups

Our team will also be attending the upcoming user groups, click here to view dates and locations. 

Click here, if you have any questions you would like to ask us in advance, so we can talk you through it on the day.

For further information and how to book on a user group across the UK visit the event page.

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