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See you at the Best Practice Show, 9-10 October 2019

Written by Sandra Ball on 30-Sep-2019 15:00:00

Over the last few years, Cegedim, the business that brings you Vision, has made a significant investment in reviewing the market and understanding the needs of you, the customer. Over the past 18 months, we have undergone an internal restructure alongside expanding and developing our product portfolio in anticipation of the future needs of GP practices, patients, Primary Care Networks and CCGs. 

At Cegedim, we are on a journey to deliver smarter, better, faster healthcare technology. Vision is a Cegedim solution which will produce the intelligent clinical software for smarter collaborative working across the healthcare landscape. 

The market is rightly insisting that our Vision solution needs to be smarter, better, faster, and with you in mind we have accelerated its evolution.

Customer feedback to date on the latest functionality highlights the journey that Cegedim is taking Vision on. Customers who have been trialling the latest functionality as part of this evolution journey tell us:

"Cegedim have listened! Vision is evolving with lots of improvements. The new functionality release which is scheduled to go public imminently will make a real difference."

We are attending Best Practice 2019 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham and would be delighted to show you the new functionality and talk to you about the journey we are on to create a smarter, better, faster healthcare technology solution.


At Cegedim, we are on a continuous improvement journey where we listen, act and improve. The event is designed to address the challenges arising from the NHS Long Term Plan, the GP Contract Reform Five-Year Framework and the GP Partnership Review, all launched in January this year.

It will be an ideal opportunity for you to share your thoughts so that we can better understand to help us shape the future of Primary Care by delivering the next generation of information technology for general practice and primary care networks.

We are keen to understand what GP practice managers and PCN clinical directors need to develop sustainable models of care and survive the pressure on an overstretched NHS.

Vision - a Cegedim solution.
Working smarter, better and faster for you.

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