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Smarter, faster and better DMARDs management with Vision

Written by Steve Marriott on 04-Jul-2017 17:31:11

Intelligent DMARDs management and better patient care with Vision

Be confident that ongoing prescriptions for high risk drugs issued in your community are safe.

Practices typically manage their DMARDs by combining multiple searches with paper-based records and Excel lists, a cumbersome and inefficient process. If this sounds familiar, Vision DMARDs Manager lets you work smarter, faster and better:

Work smarter

  • See which patients are taking drugs such as methotrexate but not claiming, worth more than £25 per patient per quarter in some areas
  • No need to populate several different systems
  • More efficient calls/recalls. Generate text message or reminder letters en-masse for patients who are due a blood test

Work faster

  • List patients who have blood tests due or overdue
  • Intelligent prompts to tell your phlebotomists which blood tests should be taken

Better patient care

  • Reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Identify patients sitting in a void between primary and secondary care
  • Identify patients who are being recalled for blood tests when they aren’t required and others who need to be seen that have slipped through the net
  • Highlight and correct patients whose recall period is outside suggested guidance
  • Highlight patients whose prescriptions for high risk drugs should be stopped
  • Reduce appointments by ensuring patients are seen at the right time and get appropriate care at every appointment

Intelligent healthcare

The DMARDs template and reports are available on the GPSoC framework, which means there is no cost to GP practices. You can start using the software straight away and we will then liaise with your CCG to organise the GPSoC funding.

Click below to find out how to get started with faster, smarter and better DMARDs management at your practice.

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