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Top 3 clinical decision support tools available free on GPSoC

Top 3 clinical decision support tools available free on GPSoC

clinical decision support templates and advanced data entry forms for GPs from Vision

There is a growing number of clinical decision support templates and corresponding advanced data entry forms available to GP practices that integrate with all the major GP IT systems.

The common goals of these intelligent healthcare solutions are to encourage:

  • more efficient use of GP time
  • fast and simple health improvement, targeted at specific cohorts

Practices in England can now access these templates and forms, centrally funded under GPSoC Lot 1 until December 2018. They are available to all practices irrespective of the clinical system they use.

The GPSoC funding covers up to ten templates and data entry forms including:

1. Frailty

Research shows that some patients with severe frailty are at risk of dying in the next 6-12 months. The Frailty template includes an Electronic Frailty Index (EFI) calculator and a template to assist you when managing patients with severe frailty.

Proactively managing these patients will help to reduce morbidity and mortality where there is evidence that they are at a high risk of falls, unplanned hospital admissions and anxiety, depression and poorer quality of life.


Practices typically manage their DMARDs by combining multiple searches with paper-based records and Excel lists, a cumbersome and inefficient process. If this sounds familiar, the Vision DMARDs template lets you work smarter, faster and better, and you can be confident that ongoing prescriptions for high risk drugs issued in your community are safe and appropriate.

3. Cancer

Vision and Macmillan Cancer Support have worked together in partnership to develop a cancer decision support tool. It displays the risk of a patient having specific types of cancer and alerts the GP during consultations when a patient has a risk of 2% risk or higher. The tool aids GPs' clinical decision making, helping them to decide whether to refer or request further investigations when there is a risk of cancer.

Population level health reporting for CCGs

A cloud-based reporting dashboard is available that allows CCGs to analyse any aspect of these templates across their entire population. This CCG-wide reporting can also support your specific local healthcare challenges, irrespective of the clinical systems used at practices. This might be of particular interest in light of the news that NHS Digital will not be undertaking any future development of MIQuest.

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