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Remote Working. Keeping GPs safe today, changing lives tomorrow?

Posted on 01-Apr-2020 16:58:59

The pros and cons of remote working have been in discussion for years. While some organisations have been able to offer employees a more flexible work/life balance, within the NHS patient expectations regarding face-to-face consultations have challenged any significant change in working practice. People expect to see a GP and that direct contact has always been a fundamental component of the clinician: patient relationship.


Using Video Consultation during the Covid 19 Outbreak

Posted on 26-Mar-2020 10:00:15

The speed with which day-to-day operating practices are changing during the Covid 19 outbreak is unprecedented. Following the health secretary Matt Hancock's call for primary care staff to carry out consultations remotely where possible, as part of a 'digital first' approach, GP practices have rushed to discover how best to achieve video consultations to conduct remote appointments.

There has also been a shift in approach when it comes to sharing information from; 'how you share it', to 'what information is shared' and 'who is it shared with'?

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