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More choice for patients using Online Services in England

Posted on 06-Mar-2020 09:14:03

Patients at GP practices using Vision are now able to use the NHS App to book appointments, request prescriptions and view medical records.

Patients registered at GP practices using Vision have had online access to Patient Services since 2016. In the past year, the Patient Services website has been used 2,182,694 times to order repeat prescriptions, 517,596 times to book appointments, and 47,149 to view patient summary records.

Now, patients in England have more choice with which online service they use. They can either download the new NHS App or the existing Patient Services apps from the online stores provided by third parties - or access Patient Services website (www.patient-services.co.uk) straight from their browser.


3 hot tips to help you embrace online prescription requests

Posted on 19-Sep-2018 15:43:36

There's a great way to save admin time at your practice and you've already got everything you need.

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