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Vision finalist at General Practice Awards

Vision finalist at General Practice Awards

Shortlisted GP awards

Vision was selected as a finalist for 'IT provider of the year' at the 2017 General Practice Awards.

The awards are designed to showcase talent, dedication and innovation of individuals and companies across primary care.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Vision provides intelligent clinical software for a smarter, faster and better experience. It enables nimble, collaborative working across the healthcare landscape. Predictive and adaptive it thinks ahead, processing data in smarter ways. So you can access the right information, faster, to make better decisions.

Vision Anywhere is helping to localise care by giving every GP, clinician and carer access to the same patient records, care plans and data entry templates – on the smartphone or tablet they already have with them.

Vision Anywhere

Used by more than 1,700 GPs and clinicians across the UK to access their patient records in real time, on the device of their choice (smartphone or tablet). Providing 24/7 access, the innovative app is perfect for mobile working, home visits and nursing home rounds.

Vision Anywhere is designed for today’s ways of working and the demands of a modern NHS.


  • Read and edit patient records while you are away from the practice
  • Full clinical decision support, prescribing and interaction checks
  • Works with or without a wifi or data connection – choose to sync when you are connected again
  • Use predictive text to record common observations
  • Dictate notes directly into the patients record

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Congratulations to Microtest who won the category.

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