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Vision's innovative interoperable solutions wow NHS Digital

Vision's innovative interoperable solutions wow NHS Digital


We have regular and frequent contact with many people at NHS Digital but busy diaries mean there isn't much time for them to actually see Vision. So last Thursday we visited their headquarters in Leeds to host a drop-in Vision day, giving everyone at NHS Digital an opportunity to see how innovation and interoperability are integral to the new Vision solutions.

We were able to explain and show how the Vision product strategy starts with interoperability as a fundamental prerequisite instead of an afterthought, and that simple and intuitive screens make it easier for clinicians to care for their patients.

There was a lot of interest in Outcomes Manager, the Vision solution for CCG-wide reporting and population level healthcare management that uses data from EMIS, TPP and Vision systems to allow central reporting on any aspect of healthcare services in the locality.

We received a huge amount of positive feedback about the new Vision software including Vision Anywhere and Appointments (which are both now available as centrally funded in England on the GPSoC framework) and the soon to be released Tasks app that allows tasks to be managed across care settings, not just within the GP practice.

The drop-in format for the day meant we were able to spend quality time with more than sixty people, typically for up to an hour each. We would love to host similar events throughout the UK, so if your CCG, CSU or health board would like an informal and relaxed opportunity to see how Vision is changing please let us know by sending an email to marketing@visionhealth.co.uk

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