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We are evolving your Vision Solution

Written by Sandra Ball on 17-Oct-2019 13:12:30

At Cegedim we are on a continuous improvement journey where we listen, act, and improve for YOU! Vision is the solution that is continually evolving to remain the  clinical IT solution of choice for GP practices, shared care and population-level healthcare management.


You have said that you need Vision to work smarter, better and faster...

We have listened to your feedback and have evolved the Vision solution to update the service we provide and give you an even better experience. We are delivering these improvements in an update to our current Vision Anywhere solution, which will be launched in the next few weeks.

Customer feedback to date on this latest functionality highlights the journey that Cegedim is taking Vision on. Customers who have been trialling the latest functionality on the evolution journey tell us;

"Cegedim have listened! Vision has evolved with lots of
improvements. The new functionality release, which is scheduled
to go public imminently, will make a real difference."

The new functionality that will particularly increase service efficiency, are the ability to:

  • Put multiple items on one prescription
  • Auto-install software updates on any device
  • Create referral letters, which are currently hand-written and scanned into the local hospitals referral system.

As well as speed to improve your practice's efficiency we've also added a raft of new features including

  1. SNOMED is now used as a primary terminology for data entry. Native SNOMED data is recorded and mapped to a Read V2 code so that users can view it in Vision 3 in the usual way. Accuracy when searching for clinical codes has been significantly improved as a result.

    - Print both acute and repeat medications
    - Reprint prescriptions
    - Easily manage prescription printing with a new print prescriptions page
    - Print repeat reorder forms
    - Add notes to prescriptions for the patient or dispenser
    - Print up to 4 items on one prescription

  3. CLINICAL CALCULATORS the following clinical calculators can now be accessed from your screen; BMI, diabetes risk and DOSE index.

  4. CLINICAL TEMPLATES As part of this release we are introducing the framework for using clinical data entry templates from Outcomes Manager. By the end of the year we aim to release 17 templates from diabetes to medicines management. This will help standardise data entry and put you on the right track for developing a population health management strategy.

  5. REFERRAL LETTERS for GPS, referral letters can now be created using your existing templates in Vision 3. This works well with shared care.

  6. ELECTRONIC TEST practice requests for electronic testing are now integrated with the tQuest test requiring system.

  7. PRESCRIBER SECURITY RIGHTS any prescribing restrictions on printing, re-authorising and reprinting configured in Vision 3 Control Panel are now also applied to Vision Anywhere. 

  8. NEW UPGRADE MECHANISM we have made the Vision Anywhere upgrade process much simpler. When a new upgrade becomes available, the next time each user logs into Vision Anywhere, they are asked if they want to run the the installation and then simply follow the installation wizard. This does not require administrator access to the workstation.

  9. BETTER HELPDESK ANALYTICS we have improved monitoring support to allow users to better track errors more quickly and explain what you need to do faster.

All this will be sitting alongside our beautiful design for iPads, iPhones, Windows tablets and Android phones and tablets.

The first roll out for iOS will be released on Monday 21st October in the Apple Store.

Android and Windows Stores versions will be release on Monday 28th October in the Google Play Store and Microsoft Store.


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