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Where's your nearest Vision User Group?

Written by Jenny Cocking on 29-Sep-2019 15:09:00

The Vision User Groups are hosted across the UK to support existing customers, they include free training to make sure you continue to get the most from Vision.

We have published the agenda that will provide you with an update on Vision, and what we will be covering in the free training sessions.

Click here to find your nearest location and register.


The Vision Journey

Learn about the journey we are on to deliver smarter, better, faster healthcare technology, and what this means to you, our customer.

Meet the Team

Vision User Groups are an excellent opportunity to meet the team and share your thoughts and challenges so that we can better understand your needs as we work towards building solutions for tomorrow.

Free Vision training sessions.

In England and Northern Ireland, you can join a free training session covering Template Design using the Vision+ Template Designer tool. Vision+ Templates enable you to standardise data entry, as well as promote consistency and encourage best practice.

In Scotland, we'll have a hints and tips training session, with a dedicated Vision trainer.

Click here to find your nearest location and register.

Who Should Attend?

GP practice staff who are interested in learning more about Vision.


Vision User Groups are taking place across the UK. Click here to find your nearest user group.

How long is the User Group?

The user group will last approximately 3 hours, includes refreshments and interactive Q&As.


Register today to make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to hear the latest from Vision.

Click here to find your nearest location and register.

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